Benefits of travelling with friends in the festive season

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Travelling solo has its perks such as being able to choose where you stay and eat at will. On the other hand, travelling with friends allows you to socialize with them throughout your holiday. Travelling with friends also allows you to save some cash as they might take you to places that are cheaper than you would otherwise go. Let’s see below the benefits of travelling with friends in the festive season.

travelling with friend
travelling with friends

You get a chance to spend quality time together

When it comes to travelling during the festive season, most people find going alone less enjoyable for various reasons. For one thing, there is no one to share your experiences with after you return home. When travelling with friends though, you get to enjoy quality time together. This means that even if you are not sharing accommodation or meals, you can still have fun together through travel stories. Besides this, when travelling with friends, you get to bond more easily because there is someone else to talk about your day-to-day activities with.

It saves you money

Travelling by yourself may be expensive so why pay extra for accommodation? Why not just book an Airbnb instead? This way, you don’t need to worry about paying rent, bills or anything else since everything is taken care of by the host. However, this does mean that you have to split the cost of food too. If you’re travelling to a foreign country, then there won’t be any restaurants near you. Even the ones nearby may be expensive due to high prices which makes it hard to budget well. When you’re travelling with friends though, this won’t be an issue since they’ll cook for you and it’ll be cheaper.

It helps you meet new people

One of the biggest perks of travelling with friends is that you get to make new friends along the way. Since you are spending plenty of hours together, you will inevitably end up having conversations with each other. If there’s something that interests both of you, you may even strike up a friendship. Of course, meeting new people isn’t easy but when you’re travelling with friends, you’ve already got a support system in place that will help you out. Meeting new people can be exciting especially if you haven’t made many new friends since school ended.

It reduces stress levels

If you are stressed from work, then chances are that you will feel bad while travelling. After all, travelling should be a relaxing experience. However, it doesn’t matter how much you relax before you leave, once you arrive at your destination, you will instantly start feeling anxious about what lies ahead. This is because you will be worried about missing flights, making sure you reach your destination on time and making sure you do not forget important things like your passport and visa. These worries are enough to keep anyone awake at night. Going to a friend’s house to stay over, however, will allow you to unwind and sleep better. Instead of worrying about catching planes and trains, you’ll be able to focus on getting good rest.

It gives you a sense of adventure

Going on trips without friends can sometimes bring anxiety and loneliness. Most importantly, this does not give you a sense of adventure. Adventure is defined as “an act or instance of exploring or experiencing novelty and risk.” It is also often associated with excitement and thrill. Travelling alone will deprive you of such feelings and experiences. On the other hand, when you’re travelling with friends, you’ll have the chance to explore places that you might never have been to. You may even meet interesting people who live in these places. By doing this, you’ll gain valuable insights into different cultures and lifestyles. Moreover, you’ll get to know what life would be like living in their shoes.

It allows you to see new sights

Going solo will usually mean staying within walking distance of restaurants, cafes and bars. Although you may want to eat outside, you cannot always do so since you will not know where the nearest restaurant/cafe/bar is located. When you’re travelling, you’ll be able to find them easily since you have access to Google Maps. Not only that, you may even be invited to someone’s house which means you’ll be treated to delicious meals cooked by local chefs.

In conclusion, when deciding whether to travel alone or with friends, think hard about what you want from your trip. Is it just about seeing new places? Or are you looking for a deeper meaning to your travels? Choose wisely!